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DC++ is a client to download files by means of the Direct Connect network, where you'll be able to find songs and music by any of your favorite artists


Download free music from Direct Connect networks

December 9, 2019
8 / 10

A few years ago Jon Hess (of NeoModus) created a system to share files via the popular FTP, known as Direct Connect, that although it was very practical when first created, it is hardly used at all now.

Download music but obey the rules

Direct Connect worked based on a series of hubs, that obliged the users to fulfil a few rules, thanks to these rules there was a certain equality among users, because they all had to share a certain amount of files to be able to download from other servers (hubs).

The client that made this protocol popular is undoubtedly DC++, because unlike others it allowed the connection to several hubs, it didn't include adware and its interface was much clearer than that of other applications.

Used to be a revolutionary method to download songs in MP3 format.

The way this application works is very simple: once we have installed the application, we will access a list where we will see all the public hubs we have available, after that, all we will have to do is follow the rules set by the server or servers we are connected to, search for what we want to download to our computer and that's it.

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